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Some notes on fertilizing and pest control with Jack Kouwenhoven

Soluble Sulphur: (garden sulphur)

5 grams per litre (1 Tble spoon/gallon of water). To reduce pH in winter spray over entire garden where wireworms indicate high pH. (i.e over a freshly dug-over patch of sod).

Spray this on plants susceptible to powdery mildew several times, particularly in prolonged dry periods. Powdery Mildew is temperature related (basically a dry weather disease).

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts):

Our heavy winter rains leach out this element and it should be replenished annually by

applying it at 5 grams per litre. (1 Tbsp/gallon of water) over the entire vegetable garden. Prevents yellowing of foliage.

Weed killer:

A good organic weed killer is 3 parts vinegar plus 1 part safer soap or Dutch soft laundry soap.

This mixture will kill creeping buttercup in lawns, it also knocks back the grass, but the grass comes back. Try it in an area one square meter at a time to avoid an ugly looking lawn.

Boiling water poured on weeds or wine that has gone to vinegar are alternatives.

Adult Strawberry Clay coloured Weevils:

Attack Rhododendrons and other leafy evergreens by notching the leaf edges. In maggot stage they chew on the roots of the same plants.

To make them move out use *Potassium Permanganate to break the food chain of decomposing organic materials i.e. Mycelium felts,

which forms under bark mulch and other organic matter. Use 6 grams per litre. (1oz/5 gallon) of water and pour over entire root zone via the watering can. (* available from your pharmacy).




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